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According to new brain research, reading to a child and choosing the right books for early learners can be two of the most important tasks that an adult can make.  For educators, it is what goes on the reading list.  For parents, stocking the bookshelves becomes all-important.  The jury is in on what happens to those children who are not read to early on.  In a report by the Child Literacy Initiative (sponsored by the Los Angeles Times), “Children who don’t learn how to read at grade-level by the third grade, or age nine, are likely to be poor readers their whole lives.”  That’s why developing early reading habits is a crucial element in a child’s development.  Also, the repetition and frequency of what is read matters.  Have you ever wondered why children choose the same books over and over again?  The current studies suggest that the repetition of those early readings have a significant impact on the way the brain develops, creating neurotransmitters and new pathways in the brain, in effect hardwiring the brain for learning later on in life.  Dr. Dan Siegel of UCLA, a noted brain expert, says, “A brain can be hardwired for reading or watching six hours of television a night.”  The choice seems obvious.

Yet, how do you choose the right book for a child of a particular age?  Browsing this section may answer some of those questions.

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